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replace front suspiension


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i have a 93 STS, went to the dealership the other day and they said 3 grand to get the struts and mounts and links done, thats to steep for me when i can do it myself. I need to find out where i can get these parts so i can replace them but not looking to spend the dealership kinda cash. I have found struts for $269 for the pair. If anyone can help me find the mounts and links, or maybe a cheaper strut, it would help me out.

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Well you have two options for front struts (I think electronic struts may no longer be available).

IF you can still get active (meaning electronic) struts you can go with OEM AC DELCO electronic struts.

According to Rockauto.com they have ACDELCO struts for $566.79 each for your year. Looking at the photo of them at ACDELCO.com and Rockauto.com they appear to be passive struts as they don't show the connector pigtail. You need to determine if the ACDELCO strut Rockauto shows is electronic or passive. Maybe calling them on the phone. Then make your decision based on how much you want to spend... Many have used passive struts and have been happy with the improved ride, it is just a matter of finding a way to suppress the error code message that the computer will give.

So if the AC Delcos are passive (at $566 each :blink: ) check into the passive MONROE'S struts that Rockauto.com has for your car at $80 each.... Also replace the strut mounts on both sides! Strut mounts cost more than the Monroe strut amazingly enough at $85 each..

The second option is 'aftermarket' passive struts. You can purchase struts from one of the firms I referenced in my other thread. I have used Boston struts and did my rear and I was happy. These firms supposedly sell electronics that is suppose to fool the computer and thereby suppress the computer message. I am going to do my front within a couple of weeks and will post details about the job. See the aftermarket passive strut firms here:




Here is a thread showing replacement of my rear air shocks with the Boston (Scotty is me by the way):


I replaced the springs also (not a fun job as the control arm is not easy to keep level, they actually say to use a tranmission jack in the manual). I would not recommend doing the springs on the rear unless you have the right equipment.

The front springs are part of the strut assembly that you take apart using a spring compressor, I just bought a spring compressor last weekend and plan to assemble my strut assemblies soon. You can also remove the strut assembly intact (with spring still attached) and take the assembly to a local shop (alignment or machine shop) and they can perform the strut swap for you using their professional spring compressor. You will need an alignment afterward.

I will let you know how my $30 spring compressor works on the Cadillac springs. I will start a thread showing my front end job soon. I am also replacing a hub bearing, a ball joint and strut rod bushings so it should be a helpful thread for you. Mike

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