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2000-5 Deville/ 1998-04 Seville vibration solution?


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If you have one of these cars.....you know what I am talking about.

1998-2004 Seville STS and 2000-2005 Deville cars...

It appears that over time the upper cradle mount rubber shrinks. This causes a vibration in the vehicle that no balancing can fix.

Been deep into this issue on the other board:


The older upper cradle mounts are very loose after 50-60K. EVERYTHING.....wheels, tires, control arms, engine, trans, steering rack is mounted to the cradle, and depends on the cradle at least being somewhat tight to the chassis...also, the mount design allows it to only be tightened so far....

Basically the fix will be a solid cradle mount design.

For 2006, the DTS has basically gone to a solid cradle mount.

Picture #1 is a original rubbery style mount.

Picture #2 is the 2006 DTS mount....maybe 10 times tighter then the older style...



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Hi Logan

So did the cradle mounts fix the vibration problem?Why not just replace the cradle mounts with the original one??

I guess I am lucky so far I have no vibration problems at any speeds. I did have a lower mount replaced which helped smooth out the ride a little bit but it was changed for a clunuking when you would but the car in gear from reverse to forward too may WOT's take their toll.. I'll check this out next time I'm at the dealer darn I was just there the other day.I had a POP and drop window regulator let go on the LF window I know the vibration you are talking about I have driven some devilles that had the problem and they really did vibrate(bad)


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That is a pretty big design change for such an integral component of the chasis....pretty interesting....that new mount is really not "rubbery" anymore...haha.

Christopher Petro

94 sts

67 coupe de Ville

user posted image

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this is why on another thread i suggested the strobe test for an imbalance...there are so many moving parts connected to a sophisticated suspension system (a far cry from the macpherson strut days) that the rims and tires are just a small part of the drivetrain; especially since vibration problems have become so common place; and just with caddys'. jackg 90seville 100k

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