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Turbulence commercial

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Still not sure I get this commercial, but it has interesting effects.

A CTS drives through a wall of water in the desert. Apparently the desert is underwater, or at least the CTS is coated in water. The CTS stops at a 4-way stop, and an SRX and Escalade cross in opposite directions. After they cross, an XLR is visible across the intersection. The XLR driver lowers the XLR's top, and you can see that the driver is underwater.

The punchline on the one where the XLR drives away is "the new wave of luxury" or similar, which is I suppose what spawned the ad.

Turbulence Full Line movie: (play will depend on your connection speed):



Article on the commercial makers here: http://www.digitalpostproduction.com/2004/...ews/a52033.htm#

Oh - the CTS was a CTS-V; hard to tell in the video:

The "Turbulence" spot is a visual idea that ponders the notion of "air as water."

Four brand new Cadillac vehicles - the CTS-V, Escalade, SRX and XLR - race toward the same desert intersection with the air as water effect applied to each car.


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