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You may want to search this site on stabilizer link or bar bushings as well as struts. The former is relatively inexpensive compared to the latter. Of course, there are a number of other potential parts that could cause a rattle, but those would be the first ones to consider at 90,000. Finding a quality front-end shop is something you need to do soon.

A new set of GM plugs at 90,000 might be in order. However, (if no diagnostic codes, you did not mention any...) then the distinctive, foul smell could be as simple as a gasoline that has had too much sulfur added (which may also conk out the catalytic convertor). I would change brands for a while, perhaps to Chevron or similar (lot'sa personal favorites here I'm certain).

Good luck :)

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By "rattling noise" do you mean a tinny, like a flap of sheet metal banging around, sound? If so then it could just be a loose exhaust heat shield. As far as the exhaust smell.... do you make a lot of short drives? Making a lot of short drives will certainly foul up an exhaust system. If that's the case then I would suggest driving around in 2nd gear to get things heated up. I have to do that every now and then because my commute to work is a short one. Of course your catalytic converter could just be on its way out and you may have pieces of the insides rattling around. To check this, ramp up the front end so you can get under it. Take a rubber mallet and strike the bottom of the converter. If you can hear a rattling sound coming from the inside of the cat. converter then you definitely know it's gone bad.

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