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Installing my new dogbones - 97 STS


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OK, got my new dogbones and put them in. Then I read a thread on this site that says that there should be some play in them ("a slight jiggle"). I don't understand this. Can someone help?!

I actually have the Caddy service manual but can't find this anywhere in the manual.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, FYI, I got the parts on gmparts direct and saved a total of $70!!

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What the heck are you talking about? What are dogbones and what are they used for?

Open the hood and look at your engine. See the 2 aluminum "dogbone" shaped motor mounts? One on the left and one on the right. One is longer than the other. They hold the engine from twistiing when a load is applied.

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There are two mounts on top of the engine, one on the left and one on the right on the front end. They are shaped like dog bones and serve the purpose (as far as I understand) of kind of holding the engine back when under torque, as the engine rototes toward the rear under torque.

The rubber bushings in these things get deteriorated after 70-80k miles and need replacing. (The whole assembly is replaced). I might have been too casual with the term dogbones, but thought thats the way they were referred to.

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The correct name for the "dog bones" are Right Torque Strut and Left Torque Strut.

(I think "dog bone" is a better descriptive term though.) :)

The struts restrain the engine from excessive rotation in either direction. Too much rotation while accelerating and your heater barrier will be trashed. :angry: Too much rotation when in reverse and you could damage the radiator. :angry:

The struts are simply placed in position, and then the attaching bolts are tightened to 25 lbs. There is no adjustment for position. :)


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"Dogbones" protect your radiator, front bumper, horns, windshield, glove box and cranium during wide open throttle runs. ;)



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