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Transaxle problem is back


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Don't know what to do now. Some can remember I had transmission problem and it got fixed in end of August. I think I did less than 500 miles after that, I barely use a car. It was fine after repair. Yesterday when i got back from my sister in NJ it's happened again. Thank God i was less than mile to home. I did hear same strange sound and than it starts behave funny. Exact same symptoms like before.

The good news I still have a warranty, the bad news I know exactly now IT WILL HAPPENED AGAIN. So, I think i should go to mechanic, fix the car and sell it. Mechanic changed the parts, but eventually fail to fix something which leads to same failure. I don't think mechanic will give me the new warranty starting from second repair. So, I need to sell car before August. This is bad, cause I really love this car. I know I can't get anything close to this value for the money. Engine works perfectly, never had any problem. Pleasure to drive on a highway, you know what I'm talking about.

My previous post about that transmission problem:


In short: I did a lot of diagnostic and know that some how pressure get too low (bad seal inside or something got clogged).

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That is terrible Oldgamer, I would really press the issue with the rebuilder and find out exactly why it failed again. It is their problem now and they should understand your concern, but I would NOT let them know you are thinking of selling it. Its possible you have a worn brass bushing/bearing that is allowing a hub/clutch to run out of round. Careful attention to all tolerances should paramount at this time. If they find the definitive cause of the problem I would keep it, if NOT, I would get rid of it.

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