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A/C Clutch Pulley Removal


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I tried to search the archives but they don`t exist! I haven`t been here for awhile and WOW its all new! I guess has been busy! Go man go!

I am working on a 94 SLS w/Northstar engine. The a/c clutch pulley bearing is making a lot of noise and wants out very soon! So what kind of a job are we looking at? I quikly looked at the shop manual and it was showing the compresser on the bench not on the car but said it was a minor repair. I ordered a special hr-6 clutch puller today for Friday. So what surprizes am i in for ? Also will be replacing the stabilizer links while i have the car jacked up and the tire off so i guess it won`t be all that bad LOL....Yeah right!

Thanks and Later


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This looks like a good description from the archives:


Cadillac: 1994 STS

Same exact problem on my 94 STS 6 months ago.  $14. for a new bearing or $350. for a new compressor.  It's a fairly easy and straight forward job,  BUT  you will need a hydralic press to press the new bearing back into the pully, and the GM pully puller and reinstall reverse puller.  Begin by taking off right front tire and removing plastic wheel well.  It come out in 2 pieces and you gain access to engine compartment. Remove serpentine belt. There is a "C" clip on the inside of the compressor pully - remove it.  I believe there is a nut on the compressor shaft that comes off next.  Now the pulley with the bad bearing will pull off with the use of the GM compressor pully puller. Remove shot bearing from pully and press new bearing in. You will need the GM reinstallation tool to get the pully back on the compressor shaft. YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAMMER THE PULLEY BACK ON THE SHAFT CAUSE YOULL RUIN COMPRESSOR SEALS. No need to remove freon or compressor, just the pully.  WELL YOU HAVE FUN NOW!!    chris


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You will also need a spanner wrench to hold the clutch plate so you can remove the nut.

2 - clutch puller to remove the clutch plate.

3 - hub puller to remove the hub and bearing.

The hub and bearing are sold as an assy. by Gm


94 Seville STS

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