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Coolant change, when should I do it?


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After doing alot of reading on this site I've seen much mention of blown headgaskets. I've also seen what time and money is involved. My 98' Deville is about to roll over 53k. The coolant is orange. I have no idea if its ever been changed. What would you guys recommend? I'm thinking I ought to just have it changed now. The mileage doesn't scare me but the years its been in there does.

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I recommend a drain and refill; do not flush. Refill with Havoline Dex-Cool and distilled water mixed 50/50. And install two tubes of Bars Leak powdered Golden Seal material or equivalent product in one of the hoses.

Good time to inspect and clean the sealing surface on the pressure cap also.


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did you ever hear the phrase "pig in a poke?" . it sounds like you don't know what the service history of the vehicle is. based on that assumption and the fact that the car is 8 years old, it's probably a good thing to have the coolant drained and refilled. use the gm pellets as mentioned, if they're called for in that year's coolant system. jackg 90seville 99k

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When mixing the DexCool with water, use distilled water to prevent minerals from entering the system.

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