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Can you pull the head without pulling the engine ?


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I have a 1999 Deville, 4.6 N*, with a blown head gasket in the front bank of cylinders.

I have the timesert kit, but now are not sure I can get the head off without pulling the


Has anyone pulled the one head without pulling the engine ? What about the timing chains?

Is it possible to get the head off by just unbolting the timing sprockets from the cams?



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Check out this thread there are a lot of links, in short yes you can do it without pulling the engine its not easy to do the rear head this way, but yes it has been done, see threads by barry94, jhall and growe3


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Although a very few have repaired a headgasket while the engine is in the car, it is much better to remove the engine. Whether the engine comes out the top or bottom, removing it would be best. While the engine is out is is also MUCH easier to fix any other leaks, or items that need to to replaced in the engine compartment.

Typically, if one head gasket has failed, the other is not far behind. Why?..... the primary cause of failure is the coolant was not changed on schedule, and the headgasket eroded just enough to leak into the combustion chamber.

I have replaced the heaqdgaskets on both of my 93' STS's, and would never attempt to do them in the car.

You will be doing a lot of cleaning, drilling, tapping, and these metal particles must be kept from getting into the crankcase. The timing chain will need to be removed. If it is not held taught, you will need to remove the front cover to retime the engine.

To shorten this response up a bit, if anything goes wrong you will end up pulling the engine to finish the repairs anyway. Do it right from the start, and you will get a lasting repair that you will be proud of.


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