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how to pin point a leaky injector

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i posted a while back with my oil smelling like fuel. No codes were brought up that dealt with that. I thought it was a leaky injector, but when brought to the dealer, they replaced the FPR. I haven't changed the old oil out, so i don't know if it is still being contaminated with fuel. I have noticed a rotten-egg smell at times. Not always, only every now and then. Recent posts have made me think that it is a leaky injector and not the FPR.

My question is, how do i diagnose and pin point a leaky injector? Can i do it myself? Special Tools?

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To test for a leaky injector, you will need to remove the fuel rail so the tips of the injectors are visible and the turn the key to the on position. After the fuel pump cycles, look at the tips of the injectors - any fuel present indicates a leaky injector.

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