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Rotten Egg smell


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My 89 Deville exhaust smells like rotten eggs. It has been making this smell for a long time now and it really smells bad all the time.

The only trouble code that comes up is for the "Vehicle Speed Sensor." This code only comes up after I have been driving on the freeway for more than 3 hours.

Could this be a symptom of the rotten egg smell?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the rotten egg smell could also be caused by excessive gasoline entering unmetered, causing a rich mixture. Im not sure of setup on 89 DeVille,but the cause is still the same.

Check fuel pressure regulator first.

Does your Deville have 8 injectors? Maybe one is leaking...I would check these, as they are mechanical/electrical parts and are prone to fail. Possibly using a fuel pressure dial/gauge will give you more information.If the pressure does not hold and drops very quickly after turning car off, this could indicate a leak.

Good luck

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This is great! I am getting so much input on this problem. I tried a couple of things today to try and see why this smell is happening.

I banged on my cat. converter but nothing seemed to be rattling around.

I checked to see if my injectors are leaking on the throttle body and it looked like nothing was dripping when I turned the key on.

I was checking all of the vacuum connections around the throttle body and I found that the vacuum port coming out of the throttle body that leads to the purge valve on the charcoal cannister is not creating any vacuum at all.

Could this be a problem that is leading to the rotten egg smell?

If this might not be a problem, I will get a fuel pressure gauge to see if it might be the Fuel Presure Regulator.

Thanks for all the input. I will keep checking this post for more great advice.

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