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Cadillac Sixteen - awesome machine


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Went to the Cleveland Auto show Friday (pre-opening day for dealers and their employees). The Cadillac Sixteen was there and its engine is a thing to behold. The rest of the car is pretty amazing too.

Sadly, the only vehicles out on the floor were CTSs and Devilles (nothing against them, but I saw them last year and I see plenty on the streets). The V-Series was up on the rotating platform, so you couldn't get close to it (and see the engine). The XLR was also up on a platform too. I'm not too interested in the Caddy SUVs, so I didn't spend time over there - perhaps there were some Sevilles stashed there and maybe an XLR that I didn't see.

I was unpleasantly surprised by the XLR's body. With the flat angular styling, they should really have done a better job keeping the panels straight. Maybe the display model was preproduction, but the paint was rather orange-peeled on the trunk lid and the sides of the doors and quarter panels were awfully wavy for a vehicle in that price range. I'm not saying its any worse than other vehicles, but the styling and being up on a rotating platform accentuated it. My girlfriend even saw it before I mentioned it to her, so it was definitely obvious (or I've trained her well!)

The Pontiac GTOs drew quite a crowd. There was also a Bonneville GXP with the Northstar. That is a really nice package, although there was no pricing info posted on it. I don't think most people realized what it was at first glance, but if its priced right, I think GM will sell a lot of them.

The new Corvette won't be displayed until Tuesday, so I may go back later in the week to check it out.

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I didn't see anything about the next gen Seville. I was kind of disappointed by the Cadillac display although I admittedly may have missed part of it and it may have been not entirely set up because I was there before the show officially opened.

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The Pontiac GTOs drew quite a crowd.

Most GTO buyers will not care, but they will be paying the federal gas guzzler tax.

One of only 3 Detroit cars to qualify!!!


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The 05 STS is to be unveilled at the New York Auto Show in April.

I believe it will be the 4.6 North Star found in the XLR and SRX. 320 HP and variable valve timing.


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The 2005 STS will offer the 3.6L VVT V6 for 260 hp or the 4.6L VVT NS V8 for 320 hp. The STS-V will come later, and probably offer a supercharged 4.6L VVT NS V8 for 420 hp. The Escalade-V may have a V10. There are not plans for a DTS-V.


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