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anybody got 20 x 9 on the sts , maybe little bit to wide with 255 35 20 or maybe 20 x 8 with 245 are better. Anybody with 20 s experience please hola back.

Thanks G

I have a 98 STS which is the current style STS. I have 20 x8.5 rims. I bought 255/35/20 because every rim shop told me that's the size I needed or 245/35/20 which are thinner . For me those rode pretty rough especially since I live in the Boston dealing with pot holes. Part of it may be because of the brand of tire. I bought Bridgestones S-03 and the tire compound seemed very hard. I know someone who has Kuhmo tires and he was happy with how it rode. I noticed his size 255/35's seemed thicker that mine.

After 2 weeks I decided to waste another $1,000 and took a risk and bought 245/40/20 BF Goodrich tires. Those are nearly an inch taller and a little narrower. The difference was like night and day!!! Much more comfortable and it fills in alot of the fender well with no rubbing at all even doing full turns. I don't know about older STS, but if you are dealing with a wheel shop find out if you can try the bigger size first and if it gives you problems then you'll have to go with the recommended size.

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