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Guys..I read so many hassles cleaning out the carbon chunks on

the EGR valve(s) in many GM vehicles.............

My gF who drives like a OLD lady needed a cleaning every year on her

96 v-6 Jimmy (32k miles!) or suffered drivability proplems.

Dealer cure was a new $pendy EGR valve and a PCM reflash as per GM

bulletin #96097?............................

My bud who runs a indy shop and sees many EGR problems on earlier

GM vehicles found this egr gasket with screen that cured her clogged

EGR probem for $6 bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out......... http://www.tomco-inc.com ................geo

93 DeVille-13 Chevy Impala

72 GTO - 77 Triumph Bonneville

84 Z-28

Syracuse NY

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<<Check it out......... http://www.tomco-inc.com ................geo >>


Thanks for the update. I mentioned this fix a couple years ago on the old forum, but at that time Tomco would only sell in bulk, 50 at a time, and they couldn't tell me if anyplace in the Phoenix area sold them.

So I made my own. You go to the hardware store and buy a faucet aerator screen (about 99 cents) which is fine mesh stainless steel. A small dab of sealant holds it in place over the exhaust inlet on an original EGR gasket

I have one on my ETC, and my 94 Bravada. Both had EGRs that needed to be cleaned regularily as clumps of carbon would jam up the EGR valve. Recently, I had to pull the intake lid on the Bravada so I took the EGR off for a look. There was a little pile of carbon chunks laying at the base of the screen. By golly, it works!!

As an aside, the 92-96 Bravadas had a serious problem with the CPI fuel injector which resides INSIDE the intake manifold. The pressure regulator often failed and these Bravadas ( and othe GM 4.3 V6s of the era) would run very rich until fixed.

I am sure that is why the EGR sees a lot of carbon passing through it.

Many Caddy cars have fuel pressure regulator failures, which lets uncontrolled gasoline into the intake through the vacuum port, and they run rich too. All are candidates for the Tomco screened EGR gasket.

Sure beats R&Ring the EGR to clean it, or worse yet, having the shop sell you a new one. The problem can only worsen with age as carbon accumulates in the exhaust passsages.

Jim in Phoenix

Jim in Phoenix

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