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Emergency brake set cant release


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There is a small manual release near the top of the pedal arm.

Try not to pinch your finger when the pedal arm releases though.


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The emergency brake utilizes a vacuum servo to release.. I have had a couple of these vacuum servo motors go bad and the brake will not pop off. However you need to determine that in fact your servo went bad and its not your vacuum supply that has a problem. Is your AC working ok? If it is, you can test the vacuum servo with a hand held vacuum pump or by putting a small vacuum hose on it and trying suck a vacuum, if you are unable to draw a vacuum the diaphram in the servo is shot.... Here is a photo, that may not be exact but similar...

If you need to release it there is a manual release that you can pull to release it, be careful as I have hurt my fingers releasing it...#7 is the servo


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