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possible new discussion board

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also maybe a photos discussion board to post various pictures. im a member of a couple of other boards and it seems to work out pretty good. and like you have now just limit the size of the pics posted or have them create links to photos. i do realize it cost you money for the site, and photos do take up alot of room, but its fun to see what people find and come up with.

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Thanks for posting.

I want this to be a community where Cadillac owners can share their knowledge and experience. I think there are other venues available for political or social discussion. I also am anxious that we don't evolve as one popular forum did, with multiple forums about a wild variety of topics, and now their bandwidth usage is huge, and their server bill (around $89/month as last report) has far outstripped their apparent income.

Now, that said if there are ways to improve the sense of community for our target audience - Cadillac owners/drivers -- then I am happy to entertain that.

The thought on our one forum approach for the majority of discussion is simplicity. The benefit of multiple forums seems to occur when one doesn't plan to read them all. On some boards, I pop in to read one specific forum, and don't bother with the other 49 categories. Here I think our readers read all the posted topic titles, and skip topics that don't interest them. Having multiple forums would force a more complex visit without saving them time. Although the "new topics" and "my assistant" board features do simplify monitoring the board across multiple categories, I consistently hear multiple voices asking that we keep the forum simple.

The majority of our readers prefer that we stay user-supported, which means no banner or popup ads. This in itself limits the funding and targets the type of growth that we can sustain.

We do allow the attachment of cadillac-related images, with image size limited by user type. I am not sure what you mean by a photo forum, so tell me more about that.


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i have attached a link to the photo idea. its from a local motorcycle forum in my area.


you can see that this board has about the same amount of memebers but a wide variety of forums....and to lessin the burden on you multiple moderators.


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>" I consistently hear multiple voices asking that we keep the forum simple.<"

Amen, Bruce. Same old voice, but I'll chime in again. That's the beauty of this forum, and the reason it was immediately so delightful in it's original state, back a few years now. Simple and straight forward. Makes one want to keep coming back.. ;)

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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