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A/C Compressor Shut off/Very Low Refrigerant


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:huh: Does anyone know how to reset the A/C Compressor shut off/Very Low Refrigerant Message?? I can't add refrigerant if the compressor is not running? Please help.... It's so dam hot outside... :blink:

Disconnect the negative battery lead for 30 seconds. Hook up the can of refrigerant and burp the air from the line. Reconnect the negative battery lead. When you start the car, the system should pull in the refrigerant before the code sets.

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Alright!!!!! finally.. I have been working on this blasted problem for 3 days.. What he said here works!!! thank you so much.. looks like I been hunting in all the wrong places... I found a link to these forums from A small time user.. that had his own page.. www.caddyinfo.com, I have been trying for what seems for ever to get info on my caddi.. its a sweet little 92 seville and since I am dead broke right now I have to do it all myself to fix things that are broke on it.. Thanx again guys...


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