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Suspension parts available?


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okay, I am starting to get nervous, my 93 seville is at 58k, and from what I am reading I could be approaching the point where it will want new shocks...

so my questions are this:

1. am I correct in the assumption that the suspension will be wanting an overhaul soon (this is the speed sensitive, not road sensing)

2. are parts still produced for this car. I am very happy with the blend of performance/ride quality and really do not want to switch to passive units unless I have NO other choice.

Thanks in advance


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My 92 went to around 110k miles before the suspension message came; the 96 went over 125k and never saw the suspension warning message. Unless you are having regular shock/strut problems, like the car is bouncing, hopefully won't be a problem til well after 100k, assuming wear related to mileage. If you do get a suspension error, it is important to work through the diagnostics and see what is causing the error; sometimes it is a short or electrical connection issue rather than the strut/shock.


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