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leaking shocks


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Hey all,

My rear left shock is leaking on my 98 Seville SLS, we've been hunting down prices for a replacement and we were "shocked" to find out they run about $700. Are we missing something here? Any tips to save money on this repair? Also, we have a warranty, would one consider this regular maintenance or something likely to be covered by a B2B warranty?

PS-great tips on the coolant/radiator issues. Just dropped my car off today at the shop, it was good to go in looking a little more knowledgeable about my baby.

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Cadillac had posted a tech note to dealers not to replace shocks simply because they were leaking a bit as I recall. I suspect there is not a spec for leakage, but apparently leaking some will not interfere with the operation of the strut/shock?


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In support of Bruce's comment and the Cadillac position.

I noticed my LF strut leaking just a (very) little oil at approximately 85,000 miles. Today at 122,000 miles the same LF strut continues to show a little leak with no ill affect on front suspension behavior or tire wear.

"If it ain't broke" .....


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My rear suspension had a serious leak. I would hear the compressor stay on and try to level the car but then give up the ghost after a few minutes (as it was designed to do). I noticed the rubber boot on one of the struts looked pretty bad so I decided to change just that one to keep the cost down, even though the dealer recommended both being changed. Well, it would then level out but eventually it would leak down again. I ended up changing the other one as well and now levels perfectly. My 93 STS rear shocks never leaked air up to 180,000 and the 98 barely has over 100k. After changing the rear shocks, I noticed the front seemed to "bounce" a little when going over bumps. I figured since I changed the rear ones, I might as well change the front ones as well. I can't tell you what a difference that made! It rides like a new car again! I've been flying around corners again and the ride is just incredible. I never got a message, just worn struts. I hated spending the money to change them, but it's like driving a totally different car.

I also changed the fuel pressure regulator due to advice from many. Occasionally, the car would idle a little rough for the first few seconds after startup and then be fine. It would also blow out a lot of black smoke when I stepped on the accelerator. After changing the fpr, it starts fine and the black smoke seems to be gone.

I'm in love with the STS all over again!!


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