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1994 STS - Paint issue


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After the car being in the shop for a month and a 1/2, I noticed today the car body has this dusty....almost scratchy type of feel to it if you rub your hand across the finish. Windshield wipers even sound different, it's like theres a layer of dust embedded into the finish now. Ive tried washing it, but no luck so far...any ideas as to how I can restore my finish?


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Sounds like you need to "clay" the car. Get the clay & lubricant. Instructions included. Will probably take you less than an hour. Its just amazing how smooth the paint is after claying.

Follow with a good paint cleaner/polisher(Sonus) and wax.

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I will agree that a claybar will be pretty good. I personally would get some LIQUID GLASS, but before that I would use a pre-cleaner from either MOTHERS or any other leading brand.

Make sure you use a buffer, or polishing wheel, and do it in the shade, or at night.

Big Jay

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"Ditto" with the clay.

She'll feel like glass (the paint that is) when your done.

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Lottsa info at : http://www.meguiars.com

Text and videos.



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