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P013 Code


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I've gotten the P013 (right oxygen sensor not ready) code a couple of times lately. Can anybody give me a rough idea of what the part costs and how big a project it is to replace it.

Thanks in advance.


Happiness is owning a Cadillac with no codes.

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I just replaced the rear sensor because I got 'service engine soon' and some

other code showing differences between left and right banks - used the voltage read possibility for rear sensor and it stayed fixed all the time making the

pcm to add extra gas. I tried to lower the rear of engine to reach the sensor.

Was impossible so I made a tool from an open wrench and welded an extension

on it so it became reachable from above. The sensor was $58 - my son bought

it in New York. /Jan Linderholm

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I can confirm the part is about $60.

It is a real bear to remove. The coolant tubes and the firewall are in the way. If you can get jlinde to post a pic of the tool he made it might help you keep your sanity.

Heres a pic of the sensor:


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Here in Canada, you can buy a special oxygen sensor socket at Canadian Tire for $22. I just bought it and removed the sensor at the back of the engine in about 5 minutes. If they sell them here, I'm sure you can buy them at some automotive type store in the states. All it is is deep socket with a split up the side for the wire to slide into. Quite easy to use.

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I get a PO 0139 code and that reads out to slow sensor right bank sensor 2. i changed what I think was that sensor 2 times with one from Auto zone, 1st one lasted like 6 months second one 6 days. (Thats where I am now) Now I get the same code back. Somewhere on the list maybe archives I read use only GM sensor. i think they are right, so does Autozone, the said take it out buy a real one and we give your money back. Mine for a 96 NS was like 100 bucks and I know GM part is more.


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