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Bruce & Co,

The CTS and CTS-V are stunning rides - but am I missing something?

Why did GM not introduce (assuming they havr not) an All Wheel Drive version?

Does the "platform" not exist for a Z06 (I think that is the CTS-V engine) with Caddy technology on all four corners inside a CTS?

We have fallen in love with Caddy FWD, such that RWD seems a bit "backward".

A 4-door 'Vette is great, but this combo done right would be simply outstanding.

I might even hock the house to run against my son's WRX in SCCA.

Thanks in advance

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I suspect we'll see a 4WD STS and/or STS-V.

The CTS-V competitors don't have 4WD. RWD seems ideal for a track environment, and the CTS-V was designed to best the bimmers on their home track.


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a prime competitor in my mind would be the Audi a6 4.2 or RS6, both are all wheel drive, you can also get a mercedes e500 with 4-matic.

Although AWD would be nice, it is nice to see an american car company starting to build real luxury performance cars that will compete with the germans.

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