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Caddy gets a Transplant

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Here's some pics my friend took today. The old one is out and the new one is ready to go in.

Motor is out


Tranny only.


OMG where's my engine?? :?


The old one


The old one again. (See the hole??)


Here's the other one. Less the 10K miles ready to be put in. It need to be cleaned though.


Was supposed to be done tomorrow, but it looks like not until Monday. The guy said it was harder than he thought to take the motor out of this car. Not a lot of room.

IPB Image
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Are you going to tear down the old motor? That could be interesting.

I want to. But, I just don't have the room to take it. I want to strip a few parts off the keep. But, I can't take the block. And, maybe not even the heads. I wish I could, so I could sell some parts.

IPB Image
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