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  1. Throttle Body from a 1998 Cadillac Seville STS - Engine had 97,951 miles when the TB came off it. Had planned on porting it for the replacement motor. Worked flawlessly when it came off the car. Has Mounting plate and everything in picture. $80 shipped
  2. I need an Exhaust Camshaft for a '98 STS. Used or New as long as it's in good condition!!! My Zip Code is 32428 Email: speedyman_2@yahoo.com
  3. I'm in need of an exhaust camshaft for a '98 STS engine. I don't have the car, my dad took it to a shop for what they thought was a knocking valve. Turns out something is wrong with the cam. $400 they say for a new one. Anyone have a really low mile cam somewhere? Or point me in the direction of one?? email: speedyman_2@yahoo.com
  4. Kind of a wide pic. But you can see it clearly.
  5. I'm not sure. But, I know it was a Cadillac and it was a V12. Most likely was a '32.
  6. I'm assuming he someone brought up an STS instead of a Seville. That would then show the J55 because of the STS-V, would it not?
  7. Local Cruise-in here in Pensacola. Anyone stop by any car shows lately?? I want to see some pics if you have any!
  8. Crap. I live in the NW Florida. Mine's a '98. Never had them replaced. I'm gonna have to check mine out!!
  9. I am, but I'm not all at the same time. So far it's been really warm here in Florida. Great for the car. I've been washing it without worrying about my hands freezing off. 2 coats of NXT Tech Wax since last week. It's gleaming. But, with this warmness there's my cars arch nemesis..........POLLEN. And, I ruined my Duster after accidentally spilling wheel cleaner on it. Everyday I come out to my car and it's yellow!!!!!! Overall though, I'm ready for summer.
  10. That was sweet! Is that stock exhaust? Yes, stock exhaust. But, the very end of my intake tubing is removed. The thing that looks like an elbow noodle. That's why it has that throaty sound to it.
  11. Here's Vid on how I drive. Ok, maybe not all the time. lol.
  12. My '98 STS has the monochrome one as well.
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