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Torque Converter Question (bbobynski?)


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Is there any way to make sure the torque converter is locking up at highway speeds. I had my transmission rebuilt about 4000 miles ago and the torque converter was replaced. Ever since the rebuild, my fuel economy seems to be down about 2 MPG. I used to get 18.9 - 19.3 MPG average driving back and forth to work (a combination of highway and city driving), but I'm only getting about 17.1 - 17.4 MPG now.


Dan Y

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An easy way to verify your torque converter is engaging at cruise speeds is to hold the gas at cruise speed with your right foot and lightly depress the brake with your left foot. Your engine speed (indicated by the tachometer) should increase a few hundred RPM when you do this, as the torque converter disengages (because you pressed the brake). Shortly after, it should settle back down a few hundred RPM as the converter re-engages.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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