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Lansing Grand River shoots to the top

Bruce Nunnally

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Detroit news has a nice article on the Cadillac factory at Lansing Grand River, which makes the CTS and SRX, and is getting ready to make the new STS. The XLR is made in Bowling Green. http://www.detnews.com/2004/specialreport/...2/a14-70492.htm

The Lansing plant has quickly become the gold standard for GM manufacturing — highly flexible, lean employment levels, profitable and able to crank out models with few defects. It is GM’s best hope of competing head-to-head with efficient U.S. manufacturing plants run by Toyota, Nissan, Honda and other foreign rivals.

A Cadillac SRX crossover vehicle follows a CTS on the line at the General Motors Corp. Lansing Grand River assembly plant, where the production mix can be adjusted to market demand with no downtime to retool for the addition of a new vehicle



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