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Do you guys expect a price drop in the CTS-V in the next year[used CTS-V]? My dad is actually considering buying one. I showed him a picture of it and a couple days later, he said 'I just can't get that car out of my head' :)

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No one knows. In recent years Cadillacs have had very low resale value, perhaps because of perceived reliability problems. The CTS-V is being received as a very desirable car by performance car enthusiasts almost across the board. Base CTS reliability has been very high, and the LS6 engine is a proven power plant. CTS-V production is not going to be terrifically high, so that may hold up values as well.

On the other hand, if the 05 CTS-V has even more hp, then the 04 CTS-V will be less desirable, as the first year Z06 vette lost a bit of market when the new model with 25 more hp came out. The M5 is out of production at the moment, but the next M5 and M6 will apparently have 500 hp V-10's. GM can choose to put a 500+ hp engine in a future CTS-V if they decide it is needed to compete.

An auto CTS-V may still be in the cards, and a 6-speed manual for the base CTS is on the way. Cadillac had shown an intermediate model, a "CTS Sport", at SEMA, with 300 hp, but I have not heard more about it lately.

Cars are not good investments. But the CTS-V does seems to be a good market value for the performance and package at MSRP if one were in the market for a $50k sports sedan.


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