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STS dies, won't start

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Long story short...went out to lunch during work, my third day at my new job. Lunch was good, i was with a buddy who works down the street. We go out to the car, it won't start. It just clicks, the starter is engaging but not cranking the engine. The battery was good, tried to jump it anyway to no avail. Got a ride back to work etc etc.

Got back to the car after work, took off the intake, tried jumping the starter and tapping on it with a hammer. No use, it will not spin. Ok, starter is bad. Get a ride home, get a new starter, go all the way back to the car (30min) with my parents. Put the new starter in, same condition. Ok, something is wierd. Nothing to do, get dropped off in Philly. Here I am without a car. My dad calls and tells me the old starter is working fine.

Electrical Problem! The cables don't really look that corroded but apparently aren't pulling enough juice from the battery. I had it hooked up to a jump box and cables, and the lights stay bright when cranking. Readout reads 11.8 volts. So now I am going to clean the cables and hope that this solves the problem. (BTW, cranked engine by hand to make sure it wasn't seized(god forbid)).

Also note, the starter will not run w/o a thick positive, tried to run it with a little 12 gauge wire, it didn't work, the wire got hot. My dad hooked it up at home with a 8 guage wire and it worked.

Just an FYI.


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Your starter does not get enough power (current) from the batterry. Bad cables and connections. If you send a jumper from battery positiveto splenoid's positive it will start right away.

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