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17" Tires & Appearance issues

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Old news I guess, but wanted to point this out:

Customer Satisfaction- Tire Inner Sidewall Crack/Bulge #03049 -  (10/20/2003)

03049 - Tire Inner Sidewall Crack/Bulge 2003-2004 Cadillac CTS Equipped with Goodyear 17-Inch Tires



General Motors has decided that certain 2003 and 2004 model year Cadillac CTS vehicles equipped with Goodyear 17-inch tires may have a condition in which a bulge or crack may appear on the inner sidewall of the tires. Although a crack or bulge may be unsightly, it will not affect the performance of the tires. This is not a safety issue.  This program will expire on October, 31, 2004.

Correction: Dealers are to replace the Goodyear 17-inch tires.


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Had my tires replaced in November '03 with 18K miles on the originals. It's like getting an extra 18K miles on a set of tires. Thank you Goodyear and Cadillac.

However, my right front tire had a slow leak (about 5Lbs psi per week) so I took it into the dealer last Friday, They replaced a leaky tire valve (free of charge) and sent me on my way.

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