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Used Cadillac Escalade vs New XT6

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Let's say one needed a vehicle to comfortably carry 5 adults plus light bags and be in service for 5 years after purchase.  I think in the current line-up that would be an Escalade, starting at $78K and rapidly rising to as much as you care to spend, or an XT6, starting at $48K and $60Kish nicely equipped. 

A new Escalade Premium Luxury starts at $92K.  The current generation Escalade came out in 2021.  Prior to that the 4th gen ran from 2015-2020.  The Escalades are made in Arlington Texas.  

These are two pretty different vehicles in construction, with two different engines, but both can meet the 'carry 5 adults and gear' spec.

So, I set the 'budget' at around $60K, as one can get a new FWD Premium Luxury XT6 with driver assist package (adds technology package) for $59K.  Then I went to look to see what type of used Escalade deals one can get around $60K.

I limited my search to Escalades under 45K miles, and under $60K.  What I find is that an Escalade Premium Luxury with 40K miles or so is around 52-54K asking price.  I also see some with under 30K miles, so I changed the search to "Under $60K and 30K miles, any years".  

That results in a couple of 2019 Escalades, nicely optioned with 25K ish miles.  example



Now the Escalade with a 6.2L V8 and 14/23 mpg vs the XT6 with 3.6L V6 and 19/26 mpg is another factor.  The Escalade may differ in tax treatment as business vehicle due to weight and special tax rules.


Then there is the question, would you rather have a used Escalade or a new XT6 (under a new vehicle warranty et al)?



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