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A Note from the General Sales Manager

Bruce Nunnally

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Crest Auto Group 
Phone: (855) 902-9218
website: CrestCars.com
Sales Hours:
 8:30am - 8:00pm
 9:00am - 8:00pm
My name is Darin Partin and I am the General Sales Manager here at Crest Auto Group.  If you had put new vehicle shopping on hold due to a lack of availability and pricing...then I have some good news for you.  We currently have a great selection of new Infiniti, new Cadillac, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.  We have more new inventory available than we have had in quite some time.  We also have even some of the hardest to find models in stock and available.  Like the new Cadillac Escalade, CT4 sedan, and CT5 sedan.  We even have a large selection of completely redesigned Infiniti QX60 models. 
Resale and trade values are currently holding with only a few exceptions.  This is part driven by inflation and higher fuel prices and will trickle down to all vehicle values.  So whether you are looking to purchase or just looking to sell most of our customers are in an even dollar, and in a lot of cases, an equitable situation on their current lease or purchase.  I encourage you to act soon as values are declining as interest rates increase.
Our manufactures have some incredible lease offers right now as well as some great Incentivized APR offers.  These are still available in spite of rates increasing every few weeks, it seems.  There is another rate increase of .75% forecasted for for early November.  All these things combined make it the opportune time for you to find the vehicle you had been waiting for, receive a historically high trade value for your vehicle and, lease or purchase it at special rates below the current market averages.  We would love to hear from you and help in any way, whether it is for Sales, Service, or our even for Collision repair.  I have also recapped below some of the current special offers.
  • 2023 Escalade In-Stock, Including the Sport and Sport Platinum models.
  • CT4 & CT5 Sedans In-Stock, Including the:
    • 472 Horsepower - CT4-V Blackwing and...
    • 668 Horsepower - CT5-V Blackwing
  • Lease Specials on Cadillac sedans, mid-size and cross-over SUV's like:
    • CT4 Luxury - $429 per month
    • CT5 Luxury - $499 per month
    • XT4 Luxury - $399 per month
    • XT5 Luxury - $479 per month
    • XT6 Luxury - $569 per month
  • 2.9% APR Financing is available on most 2023 models
  • Huge selection of Cadillac Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles 
  • The All New Infiniti QX60 models In-Stock - Several in-stock to choose from.
    • We do no charge any market adjustment premium, like some Infiniti dealers
  • Great selection of all Infiniti's award winning SUV's
  • Lease Specials on Infiniti's Award Winning line-up of SUV's like:
    • 2022 QX50 Luxe - $489 per month
    • 2023 QX55 Luxe AWD - $619 per month
    • 2022 QX60 Luxe - $669 per month
  • Special APR Financing is available for:
    • 3.49% & 3.9% APR on 2022 & 2023 QX50 models
    • 3.49% & 3.9% APR on 2022 & 2023 QX60 models
    • 3.9% APR on 2023 QX55 models
    • 1.9% & 2.9% APR on 2022 & 2023 QX80 models
  • Huge selection of Cadillac Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles
 Thank you, and remember, "There's Good, There's Better, and Then There's CREST!"
Darin Partin
General Sales Manager


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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