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Honestly my best experiences have been renting a trailer or enclosed truck, and going to get the vehicle.  I am interested as well if people have transport services they have had good experiences with.  A quick online search suggests under $1K for having the car shipped but not sure if the Cadillac would be more due to size, weight.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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I was considering renting a UHaul Car Transport Trailer but the width is "iffy". I did move my 1976 Eldorado on the Uhaul trailer this year but it was tight. Had to exit through the window.

The trailer width between wheel fenders is 79.25 in.

The 59 Cadi width at the widest point is 79.8 in, but I would think that is at mid-point of the doors/fenders and that it tapers down towards the lower part of the vehicle.


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