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Blog Post: Torque Management Advance to Pressure Delta

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I have made progress in reducing the torque management advance (TMA) by RPM Limit Accel Thresh vs. Accel. However, there is still some TMA remaining. I suspect there were multiple sources for the TMA — we solved one. My next hypothesis is that there is some torque management advance coming from boost rate of increase exceeding the allowed pressure delta.


I see in the prior graphs that when there is torque management advance there is also rapid boost increase. I assumed that this was due to the TMA, but it got me wondering if the rapid boost increase was actually a causal factor for the TMA.

I am not clear how Cadillac calculates rate of boost increase. To try to model the rate, in the graph above I first graphed the limit in blue. Then I considered a rate of increase per 0.1 seconds from my log 1E. In other words, what was the % of increase in boost over 0.1 seconds? I graphed that in red. Finally, where do we see TMA on the same run? I graphed that in gray. I can see that the TMA correlates with the boost increase rate. Correlation does not equate to causation, but it is a clue.

My next test will be to increase the Pressure Delta Factor to determine if that has an impact on torque management advance.

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