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Maybe someone could help me...recently I bought a 97 Aurora and have one little problem. The outside temperature thing is messed up. Sometimes I start the car and the temp thing flashes and then doesn't show the outside temp. I then have to change the setting to 25C in order for the heat to work but sometimes the outside temp works and it says -39C outside...which it isnt'...then the interior heats up like crazy and i have to turn down the setting to almost min just so I don't cook...I think it must be the outside temperature sensor that's either not connected, missing or broken...my question is, is this an expensive fix, or not as serious. If anyone know where the darn thing is please let me know. I realize this is a caddy website but I really would appreciate the help. Thanks

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I changed my outside temp sensor a few years ago. It was located just beside the hood latch assy.

Unplug the wire and I think it had one small bolt to remove. Very simple job on a Caddy.

I believe the cost was $ 20 or $ 30 for the part.

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