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Parking Brake Help please


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Hi All. 

Someone with a 90s Deville, eldorado, or Seville up to 97 would be most helpful. I need to know if the parking brake cable to the left rear and right rear route under the rear lateral arm, or above it.

I thought I needed the parking brake the other day...I parked on a hill and when I pushed the pedal it was like a rock. If you live in NY its no surprise. Of course the brake would not release. Grr. I did not set it hard, so I decided to drive it for a few days until I could check it out. I had to replace both calipers, pads, rotors, and both bearings are shot. (have to order them). I found that the cables are so rusted, but a bigger issue. It appears the cables to each wheel are getting pinched between the upper spring housing and the lateral arm (center arm on the back side) with the suspension travel. It ate through the cable sleeve, housing, and exposed the steel cable housing, also really rusty. So this means  I need all the parking brake cables again. I want to make sure they are routed properly. I have a 97 Seville but I may have routed those wrong as well. Don't recall a pinching issue

I will add I have watched a few videos that show the rear suspension. Some show the cable over that arm, some below. I will post a pic of mine. It is almost like the cable housings are too short and do not come out far enough...

I am regretting selling my winter rat last year because ever since I did I feel my Deville is falling apart. Everything underneath is just rotting. Body is ok and interior is like new. 

Thank you to someone who may be able to confirm proper routing 


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Well today was bittersweet.

I replaced the rear hub assemblies and parking brake cables. I routed the cables below the lateral arm. When jacked up they are tight, but at ride height they are ok. 

The bad news is that all of this is only temporary. The rear cradle failed  at the left insulator bushings. When jacked up it drops, and when lowered it goes up into the body 😭. I may try to temporarily repair it, but it will only be a matter of time. I had replaced the bushings a few years back and had coated the areas with oil, that did not stop the rust though. Its too bad. I was really hoping to get to 200k.  I am going to try to make it through the winter and hopefully have another DD by spring.

I must say any of our vehicles that we drive in the winter have been just rotting away. I wash them, clean the undersides, coat whatever I can, and have even had them coated multiple times. Nothing stops the rust. 

At least  I have a working parking brake again


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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