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What Glue for Windshield Rubber?


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My rubberized plastic gasket has come loose from the bodywork at the upper right corner of my windshield. I first tried fixing it with Liquid Nails construction adhesive then with Shoe Goo. Both held tight for a week or two, then let go of the gasket. (Both are still firmly stuck to the metal.) Can anybody recommend a glue that will permanently hold this flexible rubber/plastic gasket material in place?

Thanks in advance


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I know there are a variety of "windshield and trim" adhesives specifically formulated for that service. One that I used was yellow and worked very well.

However, I have not had to use any yet on the BRD.

Good luck :)

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On my DeVille, I used a clear rubber silicone but it didn't last. So, I got a tube of 3M Trim and molding glue and re glued it. So far it's still stuck. It's in a black tube with yellow writing.. You should be able to pick it up at any local parts store.. Got it at Advanced auto..



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