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2006 DTS - Performance V8 running very rich / engine vibration

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Need advice.  

  • New coils, wires and plugs, 3000 miles ago.  

  • New Water pump,

  • New alternator, 

  • New power steering pump. 

  • New purge valve (3 weeks ago).  

  • 130,000 miles


  • Engine started running rich while driving (local 30 MPH) 

  • No Codes

  • Mechanic has checked all sensors, checked all injectors, checked all plugs, looked at wires controlling individual injectors, cannot determine what is causing the engine to run excessively rich


Looking for advice on what else could be causing the problem.

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No plug wires on a 2006.......coil on plug set up. 

Curous.....what makes you think it's running rich?......at 30 mph?

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