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Driver side power window door lock and side mirror buttins

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11 hours ago, Dane Ponnudurai said:

Hello. I have a 2003 deville and my driver side window, door lock, and mirror adjustor buttons do not work RN. I have taken it out of the door and unplugged and plugged them back in and that works sometimes and sometimes it does not. If you can give any advice that would be great.

What do you mean by RN?

So it sounds to me like your problem is intermittent

A common problem is a break in a wire at the door hinge where a wire breaks from the door being opened and closed over an over for 17 years.  I have seen this a few times.

With your finger on the window down button, key on, grab the bundle in the door hinge area and move it about, in and out, squeeze it, and see if you get any window action, if you do, you need to get into the rubber conduit and repair the wire.    Rather than tearing the rubber conduit, see if you can detach it at one end and slide it back.   

I always, skin back about 1/2 of insulation, slip on a piece of shrink wrap tubing, twist the wire around each other to maintain a straight wire, solder the joint, shrink wrap, and tape with vinyl electrical tape.   It is important to keep moisture out of repaired wire joints as they will get creeping corrosion otherwise increasing resistance.  

I would say, check fuses, relays for corrosion but you state it is only your driver side window, indicating that the problem is at the door, and not further back in the circuit.  

Let us know what you find

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