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HD Surround Vision -- Exterior cameras merged into tops down view

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One feature Cadillac and other manufacturers are offering now is HD Surround Vision, with or without Recording capabilities.

This uses 4 cameras around the car -- front bumper, side mirrors, rear bumper -- to highlight on the center console display a tops-down view of the car or a highlighted view forward or to the rear to assist in parking for example.

On current Cadillac XT4 for example, the Premium Luxury trim plus the Enhanced Visibility Package is needed for HD Surround Vision.

Enhanced Visibility Package: $1,500
  • Rear Pedestrian Alert1
  • Rear Camera Mirror with washer1
  • HD Surround Vision1
  • Automatic Parking Assist with braking1
  • Outside heated power-adjustable, power-folding and driver-side auto-dimming mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators
  • May require additional optional equipment

Which further requires the Driver Awareness package, at $470 so $1970 total.

I do see this option on the XT4, XT5, or Escalade, but not on the CT4; the CT5 needs the "Parking Package" for $2090 which adds $3990 when other required options are considered.  On the Escalade, Surround Vision is standard.   I would like to see it as standard euipment on all models.



How It Works

When you are going under 5 mph, a streamed video will display on your touchscreen. The video will give you a view of blind spots, objects, pavement markings, other vehicles, curbs and your surroundings while you are parking or backing out of tight spaces.

How to Use It

• The camera will automatically display a streamed video on your Cadillac User Experience1 infotainment screen if you are going below 5 mph

• If you are in Reverse, you will see both a streamed video from a bird’s eye view and from your rear vision camera

• When you are in a forward gear, you will see a streamed video from your front camera when a near object is detected by the Front Park Assist system.

Keep in mind

• Dirt, rain or snow can create build-up on the camera lens. Use a soft cloth to clean off

• Things shown in the video display may be closer than they appear

• This feature cannot be turned off


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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