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1992 STS

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I was wondering what the differennces between a 92 STS and a 93 STS were besides the steering wheel and of course the engine and transmision? Are there any other differences? I have a freind that is looking at a 92 STS and he asked me what the difference between myn and his were and I said as far as I know the engine, trans, and steering wheel, than I started thinking if there was anything else! So I decided to ask you guys! :lol:

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Defending Northstar perf a qtr mile at a time!!!!

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According to edmunds.com, the following:

What's New for 1993

STS gets Northstar V8, road-sensing suspension and traction control. Passenger airbag added to all Sevilles. Base Seville gets Speed Sensitive Suspension. Bigger fuel tank is added, rear suspension is redesigned and a cupholder is added to center console. ABS and speed-sensitive steering standard on all Sevilles.

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