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About three months ago my if my 1998 eldorado sat for 2-3 days it would refuse to start..eventually it would...last week it sat for 2 fays and no start...no problems as long as I started it every day...so after reading all the info I could find I checked all the fuses..all good...replaced fuel pump relay...no fuel pressure...replaced fuel filter still no pressure..replaced fuel pump ..no pressure..if I take the injector fuel pressure regulator apart and "jumper" the relay gas seems to foam out then runs out but still doesn't seem to be commi g out with any type of pressure...the car will run as long as I spray starting fluid into the intake...ignition relay seems to be working as it does click when key is turn to ON position...any one have any ideas as to why no pressure?

Also I pulled no codes

Thanks in advance


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Sounds a lot like the fuel pressure regulator is defective or there is a restriction in the sending unit/fuel pump assembly.

To me, the foaming of the fuel would indicate the pump is sucking air.

Since the fuel pressure regulator is non serviceable, replaceable yes, were you disassembling the fuel rail?

When you replaced the fuel pump did you replace the screen/filter at the pump inlet (commonly referred to as a sock)?


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It almost sounds like there is a leak and the fuel is bleeding back to the tank, or elsewhere.

Do you ever smell fuel?

Next time it sits listen to and for the pump. Does it turn on, and if it does does it sound louder than normal?

If it does run cycle the key a few times and try it. If it starts then the fuel is staying in the tank.

Another thing that comes to mind is oil pressure. I know the older GMs would not run without the oil pressure sender. Never had that issue with any of mine though. 

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The PCM should ground the fuel pump relay for 3 seconds when the key is turned on. After that the OPS grounds the fuel pump relay. If you are getting a foam from the fuel line the pump is sucking air, like OldCaddyTech said. Are you sure there is plenty of fuel in the tank? 

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