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CTS to outrun Deville?

Bruce Nunnally

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This could be the year that the CTS production exceeds Deville production. The production figures for 1/1 to 2/14/2004: http://autonews.com/files/prod.pdf

CTS so far this year: 8,331 same time last year: 6,634

DeVille so far this year: 8,879 same time last year: 10,493

For last week (2/9 to 2/14) it was CTS 1,434 to DeVille 1,528 units, so the Deville is still pulling ahead -- and at $10k or so greater sticker price to pull.

Other models so far this calendar year, as of 2/14:

Seville 5

XLR 586

Escalade 4,870

Escalade ESV 1,583

Escalade EXT 1,511

SRX 5,641

Note that these are production figures from the factory, not sales numbers

from dealers. But generally the factory will produce more of the cars

that are selling.

Looks like the Sevilles are just selling off inventory I guess. The SRX production is up quite a bit -- almost up to the CTS rate, which is great news. BMW sold twice as many of their X5's though so there is plenty of market there to prey upon.

The XLR is outselling the Viper almost 2:1, not that they sell to the same markets anyway, but one could say that twice as many people with $75k for a ride would rather have an XLR than a Viper I guess.


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