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2001 Cadillac deville head unit install

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I have a 2001 Deville with no bose or on star. It has a factory Delphi amplifier. I cannot get my  double din pioneer stereo to power on at all no matter what wiring harness I use or if I use a whole different head unit entirely. My stock radio works completely fine and I have installed aftermarket speakers and a subwoofer that work with the OEM radio and amp. What am I doing wrong with the head unit? It just won’t turn on.


the only thing I haven’t done is cut the OEM wires and hard wire it directly without a harness

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Even if you did it will not work anyway

The oem head units are always powered.

They are turned on (ignition) via datalink.

Therefore you would need a interface that sees the datalink and provides a ignition(+) output.

Or you would have to run one from a ignition source.

Someone else will likely chime in on this as well. I am not sure on powering up the amp as well.  I cannot recall if it is powered by the radio or by Datalink. Likely it is by datalink as well.

I choose not to change my radios in Caddys. Less hassle

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