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Rear upper control arm Seville

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Hi all.

In the recent work  I did to my 97 Seville I noted that the rear upper control arms have cracking in the rubber that is excessive. Looks like from a chemical that caused them to swell.

Anyway I am having such difficulty finding parts for this car. They are discontinued, look to be Seville only, and They are pretty much non existent in my area yards.

I picked up a set today from a 1997 Deville as one of the references said they match the Seville. But others say they dont. But Mine has RSS which means it has the ride control rod attached to the upper arms. The Deville only had one on the left rear. 

Has anyone ever done anything with these? The Deville donors I picked up are excellent but I dont want to attempt it until I know for sure.

I was wondering if they ever made bushings for them. They look to be pressed into the arm. The arm is aluminum.

The part numbers on the donors dont match any of the ones I looked up.

22156329 LH donor

22156330 RH donor.

I will have to look again at mine for my part numbers





Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Ok so I have a sigh of relief.

I went underneath mine and snapped some pics. The part numbers of the arms match the donors😁

So the difference is the rod ball mount.

My Seville has the leveling sensors above the arms near the shock. So the link arm goes from the leveling sensor down to the arm.

The Deville and Eldo have the leveling sensor below the upper arm which means that the ball is mounted to the underside of the control arm and goes down to the sensor.

The holes are present on the arm for either setup. 2 mount holes on the driver side one, 1 on the right.

So if you look in my pics that show the tops of the control arms it can be seen that both upper holes are empty. I need to switch my links over to them.

I will post some pics when I do the job


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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