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New here. First Cadillac - 2004 DeVille. Trying to change the crankshaft position sensors. I have the oil filter housing out of the way already. Only issue I'm having is getting them unsnapped from the electrical connectors. Any tips or advice on how to get them unplugged so I can finish swapping them? Lol this should be the easiest part of this job in theory. Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.

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Here is the connector.  You can see on the connector a clip/ear, it must be GENTLY lifted up on while pulling back on the plug (don't pull the wires).  If you pull too hard the clip will snap off, so be gentle, this is especially true as the plastic ages and become brittle.   Here is a photo.    There is little room in there to work, use lots of light and go slow.  I have luck with flat tools that I can slip under the end and gently lift as I pull.   Make sure you retain the wires so they don't touch the hot manifold when you are done.


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