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to keep your dual overhead cams in place in relation to each other while you do a head job just set your timing at the beginning of its cycle then take two crescent wrenches and put them on the hexes at the end of your camshafts so that they are faced in word and cross each other this is where you can take a vice grip and lock them together to keep them from moving so that you are able 2 put your head back into place saving you time

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On 4/4/2021 at 2:19 AM, Dave42 said:

Great idea 

I have a set of these Kent-Moore J-44212 GM Northstar Camshaft Holding Tool Set I will measure them and leave another tip in my upcoming build thread.

Can you please measure the tool that holds the cam shafts ?

I will cut a couple on the mill and draw it for wasser laser cutter so others can get ahold of one the Kentmore engine tool kits are pretty steeply priced.

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