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  1. To explain after ordering the KentMOORE I GOT STICKER SHOCK
  2. I do not speak swedish but I think you may be asking if another TPS sensor will work on the Northstar STS motor the answer is yes the buick 4.6L has a different TPS sensor available from Bosch and Standard companies the direction the wires are facing is different electrically same.
  3. Logan is dead correct Being that it is a 2017 rather than new it is probably a lease return vehicle or a service fleet vehicle. Some dealers required these for internal lease and some lenders used this as well. Also Progressive and another insurance company often put these in for a discount. If you own the vehicle take the dongle out As far as the codes read the section on OnStar https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2017/Chevrolet/Suburban/2017-chevrolet-tahoe-suburban-owners-manual.pdf page 441 You can follow the instructions t
  4. Hi guys sorry for not noticing this post before tonight. I have the unique privilege of having built a custom Art car from a retired police car. The B -Body and G body are essentially the same chassis with and extra 10inches of length added behind the drivers seat. I used a complete harness and all amenities from the Fleetwood in the Caprice. So I have run through the entire harness and merged. That power drain of 5mA is the delayed accessory buss controller pull the module and check again. However it never caused a battery drop below 11 volts for me so I always s
  5. Another aspect of using the water methanol injection method of detonation protection is the amount of time that it takes for the water to evap drawing down the heat of the combustion charge. on a twin turbo ford 5L I built a few years ago I found that the sweet spot for the extra injectors was 19inches from the back of the intake valves. So that gives me a good volume reference to use on this build. I was pulling 1048 HP at the flywheel on the Ford. This build I am going for a clean 700Hp. Another aspect is this is a fun project and when complete be sold as is for someone else to continue
  6. This staged method allows use of smaller fast start turbo to produce pressure off idle to about 2800 rpm giving time for the second larger turbo to spin up and carry out to 9000RPM the two turbos are actually smaller than a T70 that would be good from 3000 to 9000. But there is little or no turbo lag or steep boost transitions. I did some thing similar on a BMW 633 with a 3.5L and one 1L and one 4L sized turbo. The transmission will handle the added torque and RPm no problem but I will be putting another cooler farther back in the car due to the high likely hood of very high front pump pr
  7. So today I was doing some calculations on the upcoming engine build. I have a desire to avoid using 100 octane or 110 because of the price. I am looking at limiting the effective compression to 13:1 and using water ethanol mix to suppress the charge temperature further so that the initial combustion temp is under 760 avoiding ping. I am thinking of setting up a sequential turbo so I do not have a steep slope on the power band. Small 1.8 2.5 L .63 Trim VW turbos are less than $150 while the larger GT45 are under $200. I found the exhaust manifold flanges. This guy
  8. Flipped the car around and got distracted with another motor build finished up Wednesday. It was pretty fun the guy has a 1977 lasaber with a 1950s style Mexican tuck and roll leather interior completely in purple with white stitching not my style but absolutely beautiful. The tear down on his junk yard motor revealed a 1980s top of the line 355 build. 2256 pistons lightened rods ,internally balanced rotating assembly, old big valve smog heads. Measuring it was great everything was done to the style in 1984. Back at that time I raced Nascar and some of the old tricks have b
  9. Can you please measure the tool that holds the cam shafts ? I will cut a couple on the mill and draw it for wasser laser cutter so others can get ahold of one the Kentmore engine tool kits are pretty steeply priced.
  10. Hey Jan
    I have a friend in his 80s with a 81 Eldorado Barritz his mechanic swapped out the computer loosing the memcal chips any chance you might know where I can help him find either the memcals or a salvage computer?

    1. Jan Olsson

      Jan Olsson

      Hi Dave!

      It is rare that a computer fails in a Cadillac and I have never personally had to replace one. I would say that a computer is one of the very few objects that I would buy from a salvage yard just because they never seem to fail but I guess that they a hard to come by since the car is fourty years old.

      Other sources/solutions would be:

      1) have the mechanic to replace the computer at no additional cost, they messed it up...

      2) Ebay, Amazon etc. Google it. I suggest that you find out what engine option the Eldo have to be sure to find the right part. I found this info: Problem with 1981 Eldorado ECM and PROMS (cadillaclasalleclub.org)

    2. Dave42


      Thanks Jan

      One of the guys I build motors for found a complete ECM out of an 81 Eldo in Miami junkyard.

      I am unsure if it had the 4-6-8 delete conversion done but at least it has a memcal and prom in it.

      They are going to plug it in and try it.

      I will update on success or what I have to do to emulate the 4-6-8 function so he can drive 

  11. Started the engine tonight after sitting for 2 years after charging battery started up with bad miss. I will be repositioning the car in the drive in the morning and covering with large tarp to start disassembly.
  12. I f any of you guys have a set of the Cam bearing index tool from Kent Moore 6686 I would love to get the measurement of the two plate tools. Gap and distance. If I pull down the motor before the measurement I will make the tool by measuring my engine and post the drawings here.
  13. Started Designing some of the Tools for this Build Today Happy Easter. As I weld and I am an advanced fabricator Machinist engineer type. I wanted to do this build out of my home garage however My race car sits there so I am building in the driveway under a big Live Oak Tree. Message me for the sketchup file it is just over 207K zipped. So this is a design for the body lift based on a hydraulic ram driven Rhomboid with telescoping rear supports. To use I plan to first jack stand the car wheels off and slide under the body, clamp the pinch clamps to the body jack seams an
  14. This is the kind of great stuff I like to build. I will be watching for interest as I build EFI controllers how big is the Northstar demand for controllers anyhow? There are a lot of electronics that really need upgrade on these motors while the engine is an engineers motor the ignition and fuel is difficult for the after market. I have seen Cadillac Motor Sports guys put together kits that use the DIS systems from LS motors on carborated blown versions of the northstar. I recently built a prototype for 600Hp LT-1 Chevy motor in my garage but have not tested it or started t
  15. Great idea I have a set of these Kent-Moore J-44212 GM Northstar Camshaft Holding Tool Set I will measure them and leave another tip in my upcoming build thread.
  16. These issues with can bus data bus from individual components is very true. One unusual solution is to record the can bus and look for signals that relate to the various modules. You can use several different can bus hacking tools from the webs. Once you dial in the expected call and response you can use an arduino and a can bus adapter to emulate the needed response I did this after upgrading my seville to Air ride when the magnaride controller locked out the 80MPH plus. With these older vehicles the computer hardware is so outdated your phone typically has much more capab
  17. rockfanged stole my thunder but you can find the seat heater power connector and thermister connectors under the seat pad bottom. You can use a simple relay and switch set up or build in a separate zone temp controller using https://www.mpja.com/Digital-Temperature-Controller-Thermostat/productinfo/32709+MP/ dual zone thermostat and some sheet metal work on the dash.
  18. HI ALL NEW TO THE FORUM I am about to start on a rebuild of my Seville STS. The items to be done or redone are as follows. I have an extreme stress job all mental so build the next two cars is my physical release of stress. To start with I have a blown gasket and a collapsed lifter. My spouse continued to drive the car and cracked the transmission cooler in the radiator flooding the engine with trans fluid and the trans with coolant. So pretty much toast. I have previously upgraded the brakes with Stage III Power Stop rotors and pads works nice but after sitting they r
  19. I did a Brake Mod to my 2002 STS Seville a few years ago. I found a company called power stop has excellent cross drilled slotted rotors and much more aggressive pads Really reasonably priced around 100 usd per axle. Thought of upgrading to the large disk like this post as I had a CNC to make adapters but found when testing I had issues with the ABS triggering too early. I have the dreaded head gasket problem and the car has been sitting for three years now due to my own illness. Recent improvement in health has enabled me to return to work so my Seville is getting the mu
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