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North star V8 overheating building pressure

Gary Bear

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I have a 2000 Seville STS with the North star V8 and it recently started to over heat and building so much pressure it cracked the coolant reservoir.. Replaced that then the plastic side of the radiator (right side)cracked in 5 different places "below top long hose"and sprayed coolant all over. SO! Would this be a clear sign that I have a bad head gasket 

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Not  necessarily 

Cooling systems can behave in a weakest link fashion, fix a leak, the next weakest link blows, I have seen it.  Your cooling system is 18 years old.  It may need a total renovation 

If you want to calm your fears buy the Balkamp block tester from NAPA and test the coolant for combustion by products which would be evidence of a bad head gasket.  If you dont have evidence, revamp the cooling system.

The side tanks will leak and crack over time along with the tank

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