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Wide open throttle cut out switch for a/c?

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Replacing carb in my 76 Eldorado. 500 motor; front wheel drive.   There is a part located beneath the carb that needs to be replaced...been having trouble giving the part a name...mechanic told me he thinks it's the "wide open throttle cut out switch for the a/c.

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Hmm....maybe. Most here haven't work on a carb in 20 years. 

That said.....it should be a GM Rochester Quadrajet 4 barrel carb. At one time.....there were millions of them out there. The Buicks were set up a little different than the Oldsmobiles....a little different than the Pontiacs etc.....solenoids and vacuum pots etc were sometimes different..

Some early ones had a little metal ID tag....I think some had a part # on the carb housing.

I would search Google Images. 

Do you have a picture of the part?




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