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The other day i replaced my air filter which looked o.k but with a 100 watt bulb behind it i could barely see the light.Now my MPG's have gone up and stepping on the gas pedal hard i could spin the tires like nobodies business WOW!!!

I can't beleive i missed that when i replaced wires plugs etc last summer. duh!

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I think every 25K miles is what is recommended on the CTS for filter changes. I think if you order from one of the discount places air filters in 4-packs are only a couple of bucks a piece, so its an easy item to keep fresh.


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My driving is mostly paved roads, relatively low dust conditions (about 18k miles per year).

I remove the air filter and knock out any loose dust, feathers etc. in the spring, and replace it annually no matter what the mileage. Cheap engine insurance.


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Always seems to be the easiest things to do that are always the last to be thought of!



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